Why Your Business Network Speed Matters

business network designAre employees at your organization working as efficiently as possible? If your network is bogged down or you’re ready to add staff, consider some of the reasons why a high-speed, latency-free internet connection is vital to your business.
Communication is one of the greatest reasons for good business network design. To ensure there’s enough bandwidth for email, instant messaging and videoconferencing, you’ll need someone to analyze your company’s current data use trends.
Handheld devices are becoming more common than ever in the workplace. How many employees at your organization bring their mobile devices to work or have at least one issued to them? A related aspect of business network design is the relatively new standard of serving a separate wireless network for guests. This may at first seem like a kindness, but for many visitors, it’s a necessity. Without internet access, some visitors wouldn’t be able to access the information they need to get to, and it would be very hard to work in such a restrictive environment.
Another reason for choosing high speed internet is security. If your IT department delays for even a day in deploying a patch or update, privacy could be breached. There’s no room in any organization’s bottom line for an exploitation, as the effects are often devastating and/or expensive.
Finally, consider your employees’ day-to-day internet usage. Logical business network design allows your sales department to keep customer information up-to-date, marketing staff to publish content online and leadership team to stay in the know via research into current trends. All of this requires fast internet access, and any outage or slowdown takes a bite out of productivity.
There’s no doubting the facts – being well-connected is crucial for any business’ success. The better an organization’s internet access, the easier it is for employees to focus on using the network as a tool to perform at a high level.

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