What To Do When the Computer Is Not Cooperating


Even with all of the firewalls and virus protectors, the inevitable happens. One crazy Monday morning, your computer greets you with a problem. It’s probably the worst day possible when you don’t have time to sit quietly and figure out what’s wrong. The desire to take a hammer to the screen has been around for as long as, well, computer screens. Deep breath, that’s what Tech Support people were created for. Some tips to get you through this trying episode are to seek help, stay calm, and do what you’re told.

Seek Help

Don’t spend hours trying to fix the problem yourself. Remember what the definition of insanity is and stop attempting the same remedy over and over again only to get the same result. Contact someone who knows how to get your computer back on track in minutes instead of hours, your Tech Support professional.

Remain Calm

It can be frustrating to sit there trying to calmly explain to someone over the phone exactly what’s going on with your computer. This is especially true when you aren’t an IT person. But slowly going through the events that led up to this computer emergency will give the professional on the other end a good idea of where to start. Be polite as you answer seemingly ridiculous questions, and calmly repeat your answers over and over again if necessary. Trust them to know what they are doing.

Do What You Are Told

At some point, the inevitable could happen and the Tech Support person may ask you to let him remotely access your computer. Of course, you didn’t just call anyone; you called a trusted, reputable company to help you out of this problem. Let them do what they need to do to get in and out of your system to fix this perceived disaster.

When your computer puts a kink in your day, keep your cool and let the experts handle it. Don’t use a hammer, use a Tech Support professional.

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