Ways to Control Your Home With a Home Automation System


The home of the future is already here, and you may already be living in it. If you have invested in a home security system, apps that allow you to control the temperature of your house while you are away, or lights that automatically turn on when the sun goes down, you have a home automation system. That’s just the start. There are many cool ways you can automate your home.

  1. Automatic Garage Door Closer

You likely already have a garage door opener. What if you connected your garage door to your home automation system so that it recognized when you were gone and closed the door for you? It is possible today. Not only that, but some systems even recognize the difference between leaving the home and working outdoors, closing or keeping open the door depending.


  1. Smart Leak Detector

This automation tool is great for people who own rental property or vacation homes. By placing moisture sensors around toilets, washing machines, sinks and other appliances prone to leaking, the home’s automation system will close water valves if a leak is detected.


  1. Texting Washing Machine

It is possible to set up your washing machine so that it sends you a text message, an email or both when a load of laundry is done. This would help you avoid leaving wet clothes in the machine for an extended period.


  1. Put Your House to Bed

What if you could put your house to bed when you went to bed? It is possible with the right home automation system. With the press of a button, you could lock your doors, arm your security system, turn off the lights and turn down the thermostat.


Over time, home automation systems will become more and more sophisticated. As they become more sophisticated, it will be easier to design solutions that automate nearly every aspect of home life.


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