Tips for Creating a Home Theater

With technology advancing and becoming more readily available to the general public, a lot of people are choosing to set up a home theatre in their living room or basement. Although it can be awarding to do so, it can also be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Hiring a professional can help you along the way. Here are some tips for installing your speakers in the proper place.


The most important speaker unit is the bass or sub-woofer, so it is important to be careful in placing that speaker in order to spread the sound evenly throughout the room. It cannot be placed on the floor or too close to it, because the sound would reflect off of the floor, resulting in sound coloration. For sub-woofers, place them on a solid stand about one foot off the floor, some distance away from the rear wall. Make sure that the wall facing the speaker has openings such as doors and windows.


When placing your speakers for your home theater, always arrange them so that they face the longer side of the room. This will make the reproduction of the bass higher quality. Also consider carpeting the floor and putting curtains along the wall to give better clarity of the noise.


Once you place your sub-woofer or bass, you can use the other two speakers for midrange and high frequencies. These can go alongside the TV, and it is advised to mount them on stands in the corners, above sitting height and angled inwards for the best sound quality. The idea is to use these two speakers to form a triangle, with the apex being the seating area.


Although you can install your home theater by yourself, it is highly recommended to consider seeking out a professional that can make sure it is done right. Look into getting a technician to come help you.

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