The Top Features of Five Smart Home Systems

Home protection

It’s no secret that home automation can save you money and help you become a more mindful consumer by reducing wasted resources. If you’re still not convinced that a smart home is for you, here is a brief overview of the greatest benefits of today’s smart homes, conveniently arranged by system.

Home Security

Your home is your castle, but only if you can protect it from intruders. Automated home security systems offer alarm hubs; various door, window, and motion sensors; and in some cases, cameras.  The system will alert you via text, email, and phone of any security breach. Some systems can also be turned on or off and otherwise managed remotely via smartphone apps.


Keyless Entry

Smart locks allow keyless entry to your home via customizable numeric codes—like unlocking your phone. Most systems allow multiple codes, so you can have cleaning or service personnel enter in your absence without changing your code. Smart locks coordinate with your home security system as well for greater protection and more features such as remote unlocking.


Climate Control

Save energy and money while contributing to a greener planet with automated climate control. Great strides have been made in this field of home automation since the early programmable thermostats appeared. Newer units actually learn your routines to program themselves and diagnose furnace problems, then alert you to prevent costly repairs.


Automated Window Shades

Smart window treatments may seem like an unnecessary extravagance until you consider how much solar damage your costly furnishings and floor coverings suffer daily while you are away from home. Automated window shades also work with your smart climate control to help prevent overheating the house in summer, while maximizing solar heat gains in winter.


Home Theater System

Smart home theaters include all the traditional home audio visual components, plus smart features offering streaming, programmability, and remote access through smart phone apps.


See your home automation specialist to discuss your dreams for a trouble-free smart home.


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