The Benefits of Wired Internet For Your Business

structuredCablesWith the convenience of Wi-Fi, you may wonder why your business needs to maintain a wired internet connection at all. There are a number of distinct advantages to your business’s wired network, however, that cannot be emulated by a wireless connection. The following list describes a few of these advantages.



If you are using Wi-Fi, your signal may be degraded or interrupted by a number of things. This could include other nearby wireless networks, as well as visitors or employees bringing in devices that operate on the same spectrum as your Wi-Fi signal. This could lead to frustration and reduced productivity due to a weak or fluctuating signal. A wired connection should be much less susceptible to this type of interference.



A wired internet connection will nearly always be faster than Wi-Fi. This is especially true if you are transferring files among local computers, which you and your employees will likely need to do on a regular basis. Maintaining a LAN network will allow you and employees to transfer or exchange files and documents at speeds that could not be matched by a wireless connection. This speed may help raise production while minimizing the employee frustration that could result from slower transfers.


If your business is using Wi-Fi, there is always a chance that an unauthorized person might connect to your network. Even strong wireless security measures are sometimes not enough. Your business likely stores and transfers files that are sensitive. Using a LAN network rather than Wi-Fi may help secure your business and keep your important documents safe from intrusive eyes.


Keeping Your Business Wired

Wi-Fi is a convenient form of internet access. For your business, however, there are big advantages to maintaining a wired internet connection. Your LAN network can allow you and your employees to rapidly and securely transfer important files, while also avoiding many of the interference and connection problems that may occur with wireless connections.
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