Mistakes Many Homeowners Make

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These days it seems as though everyone is connecting his or her flat screen televisions to their home automation system. Once connected, they are reorganizing their living space making room to mount the TV. If you are like them, or are just considering what it would take to mount your TV, here are four of the most common mistakes most homeowners make.

  1. Selecting the Wrong Mounting Bracket

Televisions come in different shapes, sizes and weights. Mounting brackets are built specifically for these different sizes and weights. Selecting the wrong mounting bracket could create a situation in which the mount could release from the wall, dropping the television to the wall. Brackets also come in full motion and regular tilt. Deciding which is best for the desired experience should come before attaching the bracket to the wall.


  1. Mounting TV at the Wrong Height

Many homeowners mount the television based on where it looks best on the wall, but if the TV is too high or too low, it could cause viewing problems. If mounted too high, viewers might strain their neck while watching a show. If mounted too low, it could throw off the aesthetic balance of the room. Many experts suggest the ideal height is eye level from sitting on the sofa. In the end, preference should dictate where you place the TV on the wall, but considering these factors will help inform a better decision.


  1. Using a Power Strip Instead of a Surge Protector

Often, homeowners believe they have adequately protected their television from lightning and electrical surges by plugging the set into a power strip. A power strip, however, may not include a surge protector. Find and plug your TV into a surge protector that protects against a surge to 400 volts.

  1. Ignoring Expert Assistance

Homeowners can make other mistakes while trying to mount their television set. An expert can help the homeowner avoid those mistakes, and connect it to the home automation system, by bringing years of experience to the job.

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