How a Smart Home Can Benefit You


The term “smart home” has become commonplace but do you really understand the benefits that come with this amazing technology? Would you ever leave your smartphone and go back to a flip phone? If not, then why are you settling for a house without Control4 technology? Control4 allows a homeowner complete automated control over the electronic devices in their home. From lamps to window shade to surround sound to the thermostat, smart home technology is the epitome of a carefree lifestyle. Let’s look at some of the most commonly controlled devices in the home.


Whether indoor or outdoor, Control4 technology provides the freedom to turn lights on or off from your cell phone or mobile device. Did the kids leave every light in the house on but you’re running late? No worries! Head out the door and turn off the lights remotely. Maybe you left the house hours ago and now it’s dark. With the touch of a button, your home illuminates providing safety and security. Taking a long vacation? Lights that stay on 24/7 are a dead giveaway that no one is home. Use smart technology to turn lights on and off with ease. Create the appearance of life inside no matter where you are.

Garage Doors

Do you know that nagging feeling after you’ve driven away that the garage door didn’t close? How many times have you circled back home to check? No more, my friend. With smart home Control4 technology, you can easily close the garage door from your mobile device.

Entertainment and Media

Next time you’re ready for a movie night, let smart home automation do the work for you. It can dim lights, turn the music off and the TV on. It can even turn on the surround sound for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true or something that is limited to the wealthy, think again. The technology is affordable and installation is extremely simple. Experience the benefits of smart home Control4 technology today.

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