Homes of the Future: Technology in Smart Homes

How smart is your home? Do you have a smart thermostat or have you gone all out? As technology advances, you may be surprised to find out just what kind of smart devices you can find in luxury homes around the world.


Remote-Controlled Everything

Who wants to get up and walk across the room to adjust the lights during their favorite part of a book or movie? With the help of smart technology, nobody need to. Smart technology allows homeowners to adjust heating, lighting, close blinds and even turn the oven on and off all from an app on their mobile device. Luxury homes allow people to create the perfect ambience without moving from the comfy spot on the couch.


Safety Systems

Smart technology makes luxury homes safer than they were before. Door and window locks, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors can all be hooked up to a home security system that you control and monitor from your mobile device. If there is ever an issue, the homeowner and the proper authorities are notified immediately.


Smart Glass

Yes, owners of luxury homes can even have smart glass installed. These technologically advanced windows allow people to darken them to their liking to keep out the sun and some can even be turned into projects for movies. Of course, they are also efficient and can keep utility bills at a minimum.


Exterior Options

Even the exteriors of luxury homes are smart and lend themselves to convenience. Many homeowners install self-repairing concrete so that their driveways never have cracks. It is even possible to install heated driveways that melt snow, leaving a home with a safer, more convenient driveway.


Of course, not all smart home technologies are for every homeowner. Whether practical or over the top, however, there is no doubt that luxury homes have some interesting features. In fact, many real estate agents expect to see a rise in listings with smart features over the next few years.

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