Go Smart With These 3 Essential Smart Home Upgrades

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Home automation is all the rage these days; almost all new construction now includes some infrastructure to facilitate the incredible range of smart devices. Once it’s set up, you are in the driver’s seat – in your easy chair or stuck in an airport halfway around the world. All homes can have these systems retrofitted, generally without too much hassle. Here’s 3 kinds of upgrades that will dramatically improve your life.

Smart Outlets and Switches

Not every device in your home will work with home automation. However, you can still control them by installing smart switches and power outlets in place of normal ones. This inexpensive step allows you to turn power on and off to individual outlets to control lights and other items that won’t connect to your system directly.

Smart Home Security Is a Must-Have

Going on a trip used to inevitably bring up one nasty question: “did you remember to lock the door?” With smart locks, you can double-check to be sure everything is safe – or allow access to friends and service people no matter where you are. Connected cameras allow you to monitor any part of your home, and video doorbells let you see who’s at your door before opening it. And motion sensors in areas of concern keep you instantly informed of any suspicious activity.

Smart Thermostats Save Energy and Make You More Comfortable

Nest, Ecobee and iDevices (amongst others) allow unprecedented control of your energy use. They allow custom scheduling, long-term monitoring and control of your home environment from your smartphone. With an automated thermostat, smart window shades and connected outlets, users can reduce their energy use by up to half, potentially recouping the investment inside 3 years.

The ideal time to upgrade is during a remodel, but automation can be installed in any residence. However, the smart hub can be complicated to set up, and the router must be thoroughly secured to protect your family’s privacy. When you’re ready for the 21st century, talk to a home automation expert in your area for advice on how to use this chance to save you money and create a safer, more comfortable home.

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