Automated Climate Control Improves Energy Efficiency

climateControlEach person has his or her opinion as to what the ideal indoor temperature is. For most people, however, the general rule is that if a space is too hot or cold, it’s uncomfortable.


One solution might be to run the air conditioner day and night during the summer and keep the heat pumping through the cold months. But when the space isn’t occupied or the outdoor weather quickly changes, you may be wasting money. Worse yet, if you shut systems completely down before you leave, you may have a large temperature gap and humidity problems to address once the space is occupied again. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep your space comfortable without spending unnecessarily is with automated climate controls.


These systems work much the same in winter as they do during summer. You basically set a minimum and/or maximum indoor temperature to keep everything within a comfortable range. If at some point an embedded thermometer reads above or below the targeted temperature, your system will run until it’s back within the desired range.


These automated climate controls save you money similar to how cruise control makes highway driving more efficient. Without a driver constantly pushing the car’s gas pedal, a computer instead maintains a constant speed. If this velocity is within an efficient range, the car will use less gas. The same goes for climate control within a home. Allowing a system to adapt to environmental changes makes it more efficient than when human-controlled.


Your installer should be able to provide you with instructions to get the most out of your automated climate controls. Be sure to observe closely when he or she is setting it up the first time. You may need to adjust it later because of seasonal changes. If yours is set up properly, you’ll not only see lower energy bills, you’ll also be doing your part to keep planet earth green.


At Stratatech we can help you automate your home and that includes your HVAC system. If you’re ready for the convenience of automated climate control, contact our team today. Click here for a free quote to get started. 

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