3 Must Haves in a Home Movie Theater

Home Movie Theater

It goes without saying that a home movie theater should have a great television, one that is proportionate to the dimensions of the room. But there’s far more to a theater room than just a television. If you are interested in converting a space in your home into a private theater and you have the room and the budget, here are some must haves to consider to make this the ultimate entertainment room.

  • Seating. What theater would be complete without comfortable seating? The ultimate in theater seating is having plush reclining seats. The reclining seats can be either manual or automatic. As an added bonus, get the ones that have the cup holders included. The seats are available in theater style arrangements, or if you prefer, you can purchase sectional reclining seats.


  • Lighting. A great home movie theater room screams for recessed lighting. However, you don’t have to settle for anything ordinary. This is your room; let your imagination run wild. Have a ceiling that resembles outer space. Or enjoy a ceiling mural to your liking. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to install dimmer controls to create ambient lighting. You can make it as bright as you choose for entertaining or have the room pitch black for movie viewing.


  • Sound system. So you’ve gotten the right screen, and you’re seated comfortably with the lights down low, and now you’re ready for the show to begin. To give you the ultimate home theater experience, you have to have the right sound system. Without a doubt, the perfect system is surround sound that is compatible with your set. Like the lighting, the speakers can also be recessed and spaced at different intervals throughout the room to optimize the sound.


A theater room’s only limitation is your imagination. Create your home movie theater experience by contacting us at Stratatech for more information! Click here for a free quote.

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