3 Functions Home Automation May Serve


Smart homes are no longer a dream of the future. Millennials and even older generations have incorporated various types of smart technology into their homes. Most people think of video cameras at the front door or telling Alexa to pay the mortgage. However, there is more to home automation than just this. Here are three beneficial functions you may enjoy in a smart home.

  1. Greater Security

Security systems and home automation go hand in hand. Many security companies now make it possible for homeowners to manage their home’s entire security from an app. Some systems are so advanced that you can tell Google Home to arm the house or unlock the front door. Sometimes you can do this remotely. Video surveillance and motion detectors also provide additional safety features.

       2.   Waste Reduction

Not all smart homes reduce waste, but there are some specific features that assist with this. For example, homeowners may put sensor lights in living spaces. These lights turn on upon their approach and turn off when they leave. Some homeowners have also installed bathroom taps with sensors that turn on atomically for use and then off again on their own. Finally, rather than run the AC unit all day to come home to a cool environment, they can set a timer or turn the AC on before heading home via apps.

        3.  Assistance With Chores

There are many appliances on the market that will save homeowners time when it comes to chores. Here are a few of them:

  • Ovens that can clean themselves
  • Vacuums that clean multiple surfaces on their own
  • Lawn mowers that map out the parameters of the lawn and mow it automatically
  • Fridges that keep track of what’s in stock, what you may have run out of what will or has expired

Do you want to see these home automation benefits realized in your own home? Work with local professionals to make it happen.

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